Jaco Real Estate CR is a real estate marketing and real estate consultancy project, which was born in 2008, after the success and a wide portfolio of clients that its owner, Christian Salazar, generated his first company: Costa Rica Holiday Rentals, a company created with the same vision and dedication to customer service, which allowed it to have the support of key investors in the Costa Rican Pacific.

Christian Salazar

The high competitiveness and the multiple companies that existed in this area were not enough to stop the aspiration of Christian and his brother Daniel Salazar, co-owner of the company, who against all odds bet everything they had on their biggest dream: to grow in the professional field, start their own business and position themselves in the Costa Rican real estate field, something that with much effort, charisma, dedication and teamwork, they achieved years later, being today a reference brand in the area.

Christian Salazar’s skill and passion for business, the determination, conviction, and love for service work of his wife, Hellen Morales, who is also part of the company, and Daniel’s extensive experience in customer service and administration, are the pillars that sculpted Jaco Real Estate CR, the same ones that 15 years later remain firm, to maintain the loyalty of their clients and continue to grow as entrepreneurs. The good references, the confidence that large national and foreign projects have given Jaco Real Estate CR, the multiple efforts of its owners and their collaborators, and the support of investors, who from the first instance did not hesitate to rely on this company and recommend it to new owners, have been key to the companies of the Salazar brothers, who today are in charge of the marketing and sale of the most important urban projects in the Central Pacific.

Jaco Real Estate CR and Holiday Rentals are two companies that are highly related since they not only share the same family ties, but also the same human talent and dedication to customer service that has characterized them since their inception. In short, Jaco Real Estate CR is projected as the most competitive 100% Costa Rican capital company in the local market, with the goal of expanding its operations, improving its services, making a positive contribution to the community, generating employment, and continuing to innovate to stay current, aside from current trends, without leaving behind the principles that consolidated them and make them stand out from the rest of the companies operating in the country. Perseverance, conviction, consistency, self-learning, teamwork, and passion for what they do remain intact at Jaco Real Estate CR, which guarantees them to continue growing at their own pace, achieving the success that Christian and Daniel longed for. Salazar and earn the title that they hold today and with great effort, they managed to conquer and become The Real Local Experts.