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From Las Vegas to Costa Rica: Laura Lee Connects American Dreams with Tropical Paradises

Laura Lee is an experienced real estate agent with over 20 years of industry experience. Throughout her career, she has provided assistance to numerous buyers, sellers, and investors, building a solid reputation in the field. Her experience includes working for Blackstone Las Vegas, a renowned company based in New York, where she acquired over 1,000 homes, allowing her to gain valuable insights into the real estate market.

Over the course of her career, Laura has been recognized for her outstanding achievements. In the fourth quarter of 2021, she ranked second on her team, demonstrating her ability to deliver outstanding results. Additionally, in 2020, she was listed among the top 100 real estate agents and stood out as the Best Real Estate Agent in a team for the third quarter. Her influence and success in the industry were also acknowledged in 2019 when she was named one of the top 100 influencers in Las Vegas and one of the top 100 real estate professionals according to Vegas magazine.

Laura’s desire to sell properties in Costa Rica to Americans and international buyers stems from various motivations. Firstly, the rising cost of living in the United States has led many people to seek more affordable and attractive alternatives in other countries. Additionally, the increasing costs of healthcare and deductibles have raised concerns about medical coverage and driven people to explore other destinations, especially retirees who seek a quieter and more relaxed environment.

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Laura also recognizes the current challenges, such as difficulties in obtaining certain products and delays in their delivery, which have sparked a growing interest in finding places where the quality of life is better.

Throughout her career, Laura has sold a wide variety of properties, including homes for investors, sellers, luxury condominiums, custom properties, lakefront properties, and horse-zoned properties. Her versatility and expertise have allowed her to adapt to the specific needs of each client.

After visiting Costa Rica since 2018 and exploring various regions, Laura’s heart has been captivated by Jaco Beach and the Central Pacific Coast. Her deep knowledge of the area makes her a trustworthy guide for those looking to acquire properties in this beautiful Costa Rican region.

One of the main challenges Laura faces is educating prospective buyers who are unfamiliar with the purchasing process in Costa Rica. Her approach involves providing full-service assistance, advising clients on topics such as banking operations, required documents, the availability of lawyers and escrow officers, as well as explaining the local purchasing system. To facilitate this education, Laura collaborates with the Jaco Real Estate team and utilizes various mediums, including videos, podcasts, and other digital communication tools.

Furthermore, Laura strives to inform potential buyers about the visa system in Costa Rica and how it works. She also emphasizes the country’s safety, positioning it as one of the safest places to live in the region.

In conclusion, Laura Lee is an experienced real estate agent with a remarkable track record in the industry. Her desire to sell properties in Costa Rica to Americans and international buyers is driven by the growing need for affordable alternatives, better healthcare coverage, and improved quality of life. With her extensive experience, dedication, and partnership with the Jaco Real Estate team, Laura is well-equipped to provide exceptional service to her clients.

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