Jaco beach, more than a tourist destination, a city of opportunities

Jaco beach, more than a tourist destination, a city of opportunities.

For both nationals and foreigners, Jaco beach is a city with great opportunities to undertake, spend a good vacation and telework.

Located 97 kilometers from the capital of San José, Jaco beach is a city of opportunities for both nationals and foreigners.

It is a small city on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, known worldwide for its beaches for its world-class surfing, fun nightlife, incredible nature, and wildlife, few reasons that make it an ideal place to vacation or make investments and enjoy the Pura Vida lifestyle working away from the stress of big cities.

It is located in Garabito, county number 11 in the province of Puntarenas, an area of significant foreign investment. Garabito is among one of the 10 Costa Rican counties with the highest economic development index.

In recent years, Jaco beach has experienced strong foreign investment as a result of multiple tourism projects, as well as the construction of restaurants, shops, bars, apartments, beach houses, condominiums, Jaco Real Estate hotels, casinos, and shopping centers, which that allow this city to have a variety of jobs.

Jaco concentrates 68% of the total population of the county of Garabito, with an estimated population of 15,441 inhabitants.

Being a highly visited tourist destination, Jaco beach offers many opportunities for foreigners, either as an investor or working in different activities that the community offers, Jaco is also a great place to retire in Costa Rica.

Its warm climate, its gray sand beaches, and its wonderful sunsets also make this small coloful surf town an ideal place to live, vacation and also for a good season teleworking away from home.

In Jaco beach, inhabitants concentrate on their tasks, and then to be able to enjoy an afternoon with friends in the center of the city, a walk through its viewpoints, appreciate the sunset on the beach, or go out in its fun nightlife.

If you are one of those who have always had a business in mind, Jaco beach is a good place to invest, the large influx of tourists, both national and foreign, allows businesses to have sustainable development in a short time.

The economy of Jaco beach is based mainly on the trade and service sector, which has great momentum for the country with activities related to tourism.
For those who consider that it is more relaxed to work for third parties, here you will find multiple options, it is also a place that is so used to foreigners that you will feel at home.

Photo Credits: Randall Ortega