Pet owners buying a new home


Pet Owners Home Buyers

Pet owners buying a new home..

Everybody needs love and also, everybody needs a place to live. Anyone with a dog who has rented knows that the odds are stacked against them.

Property managers tend to lump on fee after fee, along with tons of restrictions, if they’re even so generous as to allow a dog. The millennial who is ready to buy a home has possibly become sick and tired by the pricey rigmarole that goes along with renting with a dog.

Buyer beware: If you’re purchasing a condo or an apartment, Home Ownership Associations can present similar obstacles for your pooch.Recently, a Harris / Suntrust Mortgage poll made the news because of its conclusion that pets played the biggest role in Millennial’s’ (young adults born during the 80s and 90s) decision to buy homes. In fact, having a pet trumped marriage and children as the main reason for Millennial home purchases.

Prospective home buyers with pets should certainly check to see if an HOA is involved, and what it requires. Beyond that, buyers must also disclose to their home insurance agent information about their dog.

 Numbers show how important are pets when making a decision

  • 99 % of pet owners said they consider their animal part of the family, and this becomes apparent in the sacrifices pet owners are willing to make when it comes to buying and selling homes.
  • 89 % of those surveyed said they would not give up their animal because of housing restrictions or limitations.
  • 12% percent of pet owners have moved to accommodate their animal
  • 19% said that they would consider moving to accommodate their animal in the future.


Pet Owners


Popular pet amenities that attract buyers

Naturally, dog owners look for fenced yards, especially for larger friends. But that’s just the beginning. Here’s a partial list of features most important to today’s pet parents:

  • Nearby walking / running trails
  • Dog runs and dog doors
  • Dog parks / pet waste stations / running water
  • Dog-washing stations in mudrooms. laundry rooms or bathrooms
  • Cat condos with window perches, shelves, climbing gyms and more
  • Pet “suites” with dens, beds, automatic waterers and more..


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