Reasons why Costa Rica is the best place to retire

Reasons why Costa Rica is the best place to retire.

This 2021, Costa Rica occupies the number one position of the ideal countries to retire and the reasons are many: this country located in the narrow volcanic isthmus of Central America, has a natural beauty and a cultural wealth that fit perfectly with its name and steals the hearts of its visitors.

Without a doubt, the kindness of its people makes Costa Rica a pearl in the middle of the ocean of all countries that seek to attract thousands of tourists.

From the United States, Europe, Africa, Asia to Patagonia, there is no place in the world where Costa Rican beauty does not resonate with word of mouth from those who have ever visited this country.

Costa Rica is one of the best kept treasures in Central America: the conservation of its forests, where a quarter of its territory is protected as national parks and wildlife refuges, its beautiful beaches, mountains, the different species of animals that it houses and Its cultural diversity makes millions of tourists visit this beautiful “rich land”, from different countries of the world, and many of them are conquered as a love at first sight that catches them and never lets them go.

And it is not for less, Costa Rica offers many reasons to be the main destination when thinking about retirement: the accessible conditions to be able to acquire a house to and obtain residency, the variety of options you have The country for entertainment, its economic development, the climate and the low cost of living, compared to other countries, make it place every year in the top positions of the countries to live a quiet and full life.

In the entire Latin American region, Costa Rica is one of the most stable countries. The democracy that this nation has allows its inhabitants to live in a carefree environment.

From the warm waters of the Caribbean with its white sand beaches, its palm trees and sunny days, passing through the paradisiacal sunsets that embrace the warm night of sporadic currents of fresh air, to the forests that hide in the mist every dawn in the rainy mountains of Cartago, Costa Rica has a diverse climate for all tastes.

By living in Costa Rica as a retiree, you will be able to enjoy a quality and life expectancy that you will undoubtedly find elsewhere. In this country, different health care plans are also offered at reasonable prices.

Because it is a tourist attraction worldwide, in Costa Rica a large part of its population dominates the English language, so, if you do not speak Spanish, communicating with its people will not be a problem, in addition to learning this language, you will be able to know different cultures of other countries because of the large community of foreigners that lives in this country. Making friends and fitting into the place you choose to live will not be a difficult task.

As retirees in Costa Rica, a couple could live comfortably on $ 2,000 per month, this includes apartment rent, expenses for food, recreation and medical coverage.

If your plan is to acquire a property, this country offers you various options, of which, without a doubt, a house on the beach is the ideal when it comes to retirement.

Horseback riding, surfing, yoga, Pilates, fishing, climbing a volcano, zip lining, visiting a butterfly farm, sharing an afternoon with friends, a family barbecue, cycling or simply having a cup of one of the best Globally produced coffee while reading a book makes Costa Rica a place to stay.

Photo credits: Agustin Muñoz

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